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This is a phase of discovery and learning about what the client is currently doing, what content they have and how it is being produced.

Further research is necessary beyond initial client Q & A.

This is optional if the project is small and doesn’t have multiple stakeholders with strong opinions.

The agenda will provide a list of short workshops in which the entire team and/or client get together and discuss and gain consensus on critical items. What can you do with your available time, talent and budget?

The editorial process calendar documents how you or your client currently publishes content on the web and includes recommendations on how you should conduct this process moving forward.

This is a great time to recommend an editorial calendar revision and map out the remaining work on the project.

In short, this is where the strategy is finalized and applied to content creation.

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I’m not advocating that my process is 100 percent perfect for every campaign, but it is a good launching point for you to use and adapt to your own clients and websites.For smaller campaigns, this could be a short punch list.The project agenda is used on larger projects to ensure everyone’s input is added to big decisions.But first, let’s be clear about what content strategy is.“…a repeatable system that defines the entire editorial content development process for a website development project, from very early tasks such as analyzing and classifying readers to the very last tasks, such as planning for the ongoing content maintenance after the project launches.” Content strategy is a process that can make a significant difference for your web presence.

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