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This affects the use of the '-on' plural suffix in many tribal name translations, but perhaps not seriously.

(Information co-authored by Edward Dawson, and additional information from The La Tene Celtic Belgae Tribes in England: Y-Chromosome Haplogroup R-U152 - Hypothesis C, David K Faux, from A Genetic Signal of Central European Celtic Ancestry, David K Faux, from The Horse, the Wheel, and Language: How Bronze-Age Riders from the Eurasian Steppes Shaped the Modern World, David W Anthony, and from External Links: The Works of Julius Caesar: Gallic Wars, and Tracing the dynamic life story of a Bronze Age Female (National Museum of Denmark, via Nature.com).

In Iberia the 'kw' sound (such as 'qu') was the same, making the transition easy after conquest - and so even today Spanish and Portuguese are very similar to Italian and their mutual mother, Latin - all of them being based on the Q-Celtic of the First Wave.

In France (Gaul) the old tongue had altered more, and so the Gaulish version of Latin was rather strange sounding (this was the P-Celtic of Celts of the Second Wave).

Other major sources listed in the 'Barbarian Europe' section of the Sources page.) Up until around 2800 BC, groups of Indo-Europeans first begin migrate into Greece, blending in with the indigenous populations to later form Mycenaean, Minoan, Cypriot and Italian culture.

They also begin to arrive in north-western Europe, settling amongst earlier populations of Neolithic farmers and Palaeolithic hunters.

Naturally not all linguists accept this version of events, but it is popular and also makes very good sense.

Population pressures forced these people in the old homeland to migrate outwards; and they did so in all directions: north to the Baltic coastline (the Belgae, among others), east into Eastern Europe, south towards Italy, and west into France (Gaul). Meanwhile, a group of the first wave Indo-Europeans in the Latium region of the Italian peninsula, under the influence of pre-Indo-European civilization (the Etruscans), began the very organised military conquest of their neighbours.In very basic terms, Europe of the second millennium BC provided a home for a group of recently-arrived Indo-European people who all spoke the same language.This was a centum branch (a West Indo-European-speaking branch) which later divided into the Italic, Celtic, Venetic (of the Adriatic), and probably Liburnian and Illyrian language groups.These names are examined in much greater detail in the entries for each individual tribe.In addition, the definite article was used as a suffix to denote a people, and since that time in which it was indeed used to denote a people, it appears to have evolved into a plural suffix in some subsequent languages.

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