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I provide a location for the zone files at authoritative; ddns-updates on; ddns-update-style interim; ddns-rev-domainname ""; option domain-name "aohq.local"; option domain-name-servers; option ntp-servers ntp.org; ignore client-updates; update-static-leases on; use-host-decl-names on; include "/etc/bind/rndc.key"; zone aohq.local. subnet netmask by default, and associated it with the appropriate zone for DDNS updates. eneth I was able to test that DHCP was working by connecting a new system to the network to receive a static IP address.

This is what DHCP3-server uses to authenticate itself to BIND9 in order to make updates.

This allows some hosts to receive one answer regarding a zone while other hosts receive totally different information.

Increasing this value allows remote nameservers to cache the zone information for a longer period of time, reducing the number of queries for the zone and lengthening the amount of time required to propagate resource record changes. Note that when two nameservers are listed as authoritative for the domain, it is not important whether these nameservers are secondary nameservers, or if one of them is a primary server.

This is a simple tutorial in howto setup a simple home network DNS-server with bind. For a more elaborate example see Two-in-one DNS server with BIND9. ( 2007011601 ; Serial 28800 ; Refresh 1800 ; Retry 604800 ; Expire - 1 week 86400 ) ; Minimum IN NS ns01 IN NS ns02 ns01 IN A ns02 IN A localhost IN A @ IN MX 10 mail imap IN CNAME mail smtp IN CNAME mail @ IN A www IN A mail IN A @ IN TXT "v=spf1 mx" $TTL defines the default time-to-live in seconds for all record types. Serial must be incremented manually before restarting named every time you change a resource record for the zone.

Another guide at Linux Home Server HOWTO - Domain name system (BIND): Adding your domain will show you how to set up internal network name resolution in no time; short, on-point and very informative. If you forget to do it slaves will not re-transfer the zone: they only do it if the serial is greater than that of the last time they transferred the zone.

P2.el6 CPUs found: 1 worker threads: 1 number of zones: 16 debug level: 0 xfers running: 0 xfers deferred: 0 soa queries in progress: 0 query logging is OFF recursive clients: 0/0/1000 tcp clients: 0/100 server is up and running Before attempting to use advanced features like DNSSEC, TSIG, or IXFR (Incremental Zone Transfer), make sure that the particular feature is supported by all nameservers in the network environment, especially when you use older versions of BIND or non-BIND servers.

I recently built an internal DNS/DHCP server which I wanted to support Dynamic DNS updates.

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This is in keeping with tradition as M4253 is considered never to have been the largest known prime number because Alexander Hurwitz in 1961 read his computer printout backwards and saw M4423 was prime seconds before seeing that M4253 was also prime.

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