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Again this is a kind of low-grade sadism, and most bullies both male and female are undeniably sadistic and just enjoy to inflict pain.Female just tend to be more malevolent, mean-spirited, and nasty.Those psychopaths have a distinct a tendency toward sadism and derive perverse gratification from humiliating and/or psychologically hurting and sometimes physically harming others. They do it for a sense of power and control, and will often only drop subtle hints about what they are up to.That like physical abuse can let scars, in the form of PTSD.

Study after study in psychology proves that people draw a perverse strength from the group and will do in a group what they would never do alone.

Thus, without the green flag there is little room for the bully boss and it is she or him that must prepare to leave the organization as opposed to the victim of the bullying.

Often bulling behavior is combined with paranoia tendencies (paranoiac self-defense). I would like to stress it again that aggression in inherent in psychopath and to tell that a psychopath is a bully is just to tell that the water is wet.

A Wikipedia noted in its Posttraumatic stress disorder It has been shown that the intrusive memories, such as flashbacks nightmares and the memories themselves, are greater contributors to the biological and psychological dimensions of PTSD than the event itself When we state that bullies are aggressive it does not mean that they stride into bars and start fights.

First of all, many of them, especially high authoritarian brand, go to church more often than they go to bars.

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On a Friday night they go to the park and smoke cannabis or get smashed out of their heads on drink that someone older buys for them.

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